Activities Designed for Low Function at Any Level

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Activities Designed for Low Function at any Level
Non-drug approaches include planned therapeutic and mentally stimulating activities (exercise, recreation, art, music, and pet therapy). Activities are continually being reviewed and improved by researchers, family members, and caregivers who wish to help individuals with Alzheimer’s disease enjoy the best possible quality of life. Alzheimer’s causes behavioral symptoms within the brain that are not intentional or controllable by the individual. Anxiety, agitation, repetitiveness, wandering, shouting, and sleeplessness are typical symptoms. These behaviors usually appear in combination with others and make them more difficult to manage.
  • Behavioral symptoms such as agitation, shouting, or sleeplessness are often a result of pain and discomfort that an individual with dementia cannot express. By being able to identify and treat pain and discomfort, health care professionals, caregivers, and family members can improve quality of life for individuals with Alzheimer’s.
  • Often, individuals with Alzheimer’s disease become aggressive and agitated for reasons unknown to their caregivers. This book identifies factors that may trigger aggressive behavior in people with Alzheimer’s, or another dementia.  I have developed interventions that may lessen or prevent these behaviors from occurring.
  • Increasing caregiver and family involvement in their daily activities can improve the quality of life for all individuals affected by the disease.
  • Providing support through family intervention can decrease depression and feelings of burden frequently experienced by caregivers, and may improve behavior, communication, and function in individuals with the disease.
  • The activities in this book, coupled with appropriate techniques are designed to give you the ability to not only slow the symptomatic progression of dementia, but, in many cases, improve physical and cognitive ability.
  • Appropriate humor, music, discussion topics, favorite food, activities at their ability level will all have an impact on the success of your intervention.
“Activities Designed for Low Function at Any Level” will be an invaluable guide to help you with the best tools available to support the person you are caring for.

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